Cad-Q/Symetri's fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders

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Cad-Q/Symetri's fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders


For some years, Cad-Q and Symetri have made Christmas donations to charity but this year is different.

The war in Syria is intensifying and the number of refugees increases for each day.

Doctors Without Borders are trying to help those refugees and they have for example set up a mobile hospital on the Serbian/Hungarian border.

They need our help! Cad-Q and Symetri has donated 30.000 SEK (3.000 Euro) to start with. For each employee that donates 50 SEK (5 Euro), Cad-Q/Symetri will donate the double amount (100 SEK) and our goal is to collect at least 45.000 SEK (4.500 Euro) together before Christmas.

Check Hans Rosling's factpod #17 on YouTube for facts!

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  • Symetri CAD-Q Symetri CAD-Q donerat 100 kr

  • Cad-Q & Symetri Cad-Q & Symetri donerat 100 kr

  • Torbjörn Rask Torbjörn Rask donerat 200 kr

  • Cad-Q & Symetri Cad-Q & Symetri donerat 26 200 kr

    Duplication of others´donations, from Cad-Q & Symetri

  • Mats Forssén Mats Forssén donerat 300 kr

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  • Joe Ravey Joe Ravey donerat 200 kr

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  • John Bartle John Bartle donerat 500 kr

  • Emma Plant Emma Plant donerat 150 kr

  • Andrew McMahon Andrew McMahon donerat 150 kr

  • Karin Pettersson, Cad-Q Sverige Karin Pettersson, Cad-Q Sverige donerat 300 kr

  • Katja Hakkarainen Katja Hakkarainen donerat 100 kr

  • Lotta Järvi Lotta Järvi donerat 150 kr

  • Ronald Bendz Ronald Bendz donerat 300 kr

  • Per Holmqvist Per Holmqvist donerat 500 kr

  • Christina Eriksson Christina Eriksson donerat 300 kr

  • Jimmy Savheim Jimmy Savheim donerat 300 kr

  • Nisse Bengtsson Nisse Bengtsson donerat 200 kr

  • Anna Wennerblom Anna Wennerblom donerat 300 kr

    Peace & love.

  • Anders Carlsson Anders Carlsson donerat 100 kr

  • Annika B Salomonsson Annika B Salomonsson donerat 100 kr

  • Charlotte Høecke Charlotte Høecke donerat 100 kr

  • Eva Merete Larsen Eva Merete Larsen donerat 100 kr