Symetri’s fundraiser for Doctors without Borders

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Symetri’s fundraiser for Doctors without Borders


For many years, Symetri has made Christmas donations to charity. Last year Symetri together with employees donated a great amount of money to Doctors Without Borders to support them helping refugees in the Syria crisis with for example mobile hospitals. During last year they helped out with 130.300 outpatient consultations, 3.500 emergency package distributed, 7.000 surgical procedures and 2.000 births.

Unfortunately the war in Syria is still going on and people are suffering. Together we can support Doctors Without Borders again.

Please donate 5 Euro (50 SEK). Symetri has donated 3.000 Euro (30.000 SEK) to start with. For each employee that donates 5 Euro, Symetri will donate the double amount 10 Euro and our goal is to collect at least 5.000 Euro (50.000 SEK) together before Christmas.

It´s a year old now but still quite valid; checkout Hans Rosling's factpod #17 on YouTube for facts!
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50 900 kr

102% 50 000 kr


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  • Per Holmquist Per Holmquist Donerade 500 kr

  • Karin Pettersson Karin Pettersson Donerade 300 kr

  • Symetri AB Symetri AB Donerade 100 kr

  • Mats Forssen Mats Forssen Donerade 200 kr


  • Jatta Kinnunen Jatta Kinnunen Donerade 50 kr

  • Kai Helisten Kai Helisten Donerade 50 kr

  • Hans Zandhoff Hans Zandhoff Donerade 300 kr

  • Nisse Bengtsson Nisse Bengtsson Donerade 300 kr

  • Eva Lång Eva Lång Donerade 500 kr

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  • Anette  Wang Anette Wang Donerade 100 kr

  • Symetri AB Symetri AB Donerade 300 kr

  • John Bartle John Bartle Donerade 300 kr

  • Symetri AB Symetri AB Donerade 11 900 kr

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  • Pernilla Swartz Olsson Pernilla Swartz Olsson Donerade 100 kr

  • Jimmy Savheim Jimmy Savheim Donerade 300 kr

  • Frida Pettersson Frida Pettersson Donerade 50 kr

  • Torbjörn Rask Torbjörn Rask Donerade 100 kr

  • Symetri Symetri Donerade 100 kr

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  • Amit Shabilla Amit Shabilla Donerade 50 kr

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  • Symetri Symetri Donerade 200 kr

  • Fredrik Berg Fredrik Berg Donerade 100 kr

  • Lars Rådman Lars Rådman Donerade 500 kr

  • Trym Holmedal Trym Holmedal Donerade 100 kr