Dancers without borders against COVID-19

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Tillsammans mot Covid-19

Dancers without borders against COVID-19

I know I have a lot of amazing friends, family and supporters around the world. And I know that we can make a difference together as a unit. Dancing is our universal language and we can use this platform to meet and help one another. That is why I am proposing that we, as a worldwide community, contribute the way we know best - through dancing together!

I will teach a FREE IG LIVE class the 23rd of April at 8pm (CET), and I would love for you to be there. If you have the possibility I ask you to donate an optional amount to a fundraiser I have started in support of Doctors Without Borders Sweden, and their work in the fight against COVID-19 around the world. Think of it as paying for a class, but instead helping Doctors without borders in the countries and refugee camps that are in a state of emergency at this moment.

The money will, without any shortage, go to Doctors without borders.

I have posted about the refugee camps in Moria before, a place with currently 12 000 refugees (but with a capacity of holding 3000 people), where hundreds of families with children are trying to survive, with little to no medical support. Imagine what would happen when COVID-19 starts to spread - unfortunately a matter of "when", not "if". And that's just one of many places that needs our extra support right now.

If you don't have the possibility to donate you are still very welcome to join the class. Your attendance and help in spreading the word through reposting the videos while mentioning the work of Doctors without borders and the fundraiser will still help raise awareness to the cause and maybe have someone else who is more able to donate, to do so. So no bad feelings at all, we're supporting Doctors without borders together, by being there and spreading the energy!

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    Så fint initiativ!

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    I will inspired by Sahar’s insta live dance workshop.

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    I beleive in this thing

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