Hey guys!
'Tis bday season (5th of June) and bday means GIFTS! Please donate me a little gift here (nah it's actually for refugees). Any sum makes a difference and I will be so happy to see the moneyz roll in! (No but seriously thank you so much in advance for your donation I appreciate it so much!)

AAAAND! if you donate more than 200 kr and you live in Sthlm you get a golden ticket to a yoga class led by yours truly.

Love you!

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  • Karin Berger Karin Berger Donated 300 kr

    Grattis mamma öz!🌟

  • Siam Choudhury Siam Choudhury Donated 100 kr


  • Buket Oztekin Buket Oztekin Donated 300 kr

    Amazing initiative!

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 100 kr

    Grattis vännen ❤️

  • Michael Refors Michael Refors Donated 300 kr

    Grattis på födelsedagen Özlem! Från Micke och Linnéa

  • Amanda och Christian El Rayes och Wessel Amanda och Christian El Rayes och Wessel Donated 500 kr


  • Linda Eklund Linda Eklund Donated 200 kr

    Tack fina du för att du tänker på alla andra

  • Taylor Plante Taylor Plante Donated 300 kr

    From Angie and Taylor 😘

  • Ilaf Hashim Ilaf Hashim Donated 300 kr

  • Fabiana Hyle Fabiana Hyle Donated 200 kr

  • Ho-Man Wong Ho-Man Wong Donated 200 kr

  • Arvin  Behshad Arvin Behshad Donated 150 kr

    Grattis på födelsedagen /Arvin

  • Karl Wedlund Karl Wedlund Donated 200 kr

    Grattisss Öz!

  • Carly Schneider Carly Schneider Donated 300 kr

  • Liat  Michaeli Liat Michaeli Donated 200 kr

    Grattis Özlem!!!

  • Szilvia Varszegi Szilvia Varszegi Donated 200 kr

  • Andy Yousef Andy Yousef Donated 300 kr

    Grattis Özlem!

  • Erik Segerstéen Erik Segerstéen Donated 100 kr

    Grattis Öz!

  • Maja Jakobsson Maja Jakobsson Donated 100 kr


  • kathrine bygren kathrine bygren Donated 100 kr

    GRATTIS på din dag!

  • Johan Nilsson Johan Nilsson Donated 300 kr

  • Özlem Günaydin Özlem Günaydin Donated 300 kr

    Happy bday to me!