Roland Garoby will be leaving ESS later this month, and instead of asking for contributions to buy him a going away present, we have instead started a fundraiser in his name to help people in crisis around the world in areas of natural disaster, war, epidemic or famine.

All contributions are appreciated, and in this way you can help alleviate suffering in peoples’ lives now.

Please also note that you can make a joint contribution and also be anonymous.

10,650 kr

107% 10,000 kr


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  • Therése Welaner Therése Welaner Donated 300 kr

    Thank you Roland for great collaboration over the past years! I wish you all the best with your future endeavours! I hope this gift will help give someone else a brighter future too. All the best, Therése

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 50 kr

  • Evan Foy Evan Foy Donated 500 kr

    In the name of Roland Garoby.

  • Sofie Svärd Sofie Svärd Donated 50 kr

  • Christine Darve Christine Darve Donated 200 kr

    Bonne retraite.

  • Rihua Zeng Rihua Zeng Donated 300 kr

    All the best for future.

  • Andreas Schreyer Andreas Schreyer Donated 300 kr

    All the best for your next attempt to retire. Andreas

  • Linda Björk Linda Björk Donated 300 kr

    Wishing you a Joy and peaceful retirement.

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 200 kr

    Thanks for all your help and support over the years. All the best for the future

  • Agneta  Nestenborg Agneta Nestenborg Donated 300 kr

    Roland, I wish you a very relaxing yet inspirational retirement. Look after yourself and your family. Very warm regards from you Director colleague /Agneta

  • Louise Wijkström Louise Wijkström Donated 100 kr

    Thanks for this time, I wish you all luck, Regards Louise Wijkström

  • Jaime Arriagada Jaime Arriagada Donated 300 kr

  • Karin Helene Karin Helene Donated 500 kr

  • Mamad Eshraqi Mamad Eshraqi Donated 100 kr

    Salut Roland, Hope you leave ESS with good memories and come back when we have the beam.

  • Hilko Spoelstra Hilko Spoelstra Donated 100 kr

  • Jörgen  Larsson Jörgen Larsson Donated 100 kr

  • Meredith Shirey Meredith Shirey Donated 300 kr

    Best wishes!! Meredith

  • Anders Sunesson Anders Sunesson Donated 300 kr

  • Emelie Nilsson Emelie Nilsson Donated 100 kr


  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 200 kr

    Enjoy family, skiing, travel and just free life.

  • Michael Plagge Michael Plagge Donated 100 kr

    Bonne retraite!

  • Erica Lindström Erica Lindström Donated 100 kr

    Happy painting and hiking Roland!

  • John Haines John Haines Donated 1,000 kr

    Best wishes for a long and joy-filled retirement

  • Iñigo Alonso Iñigo Alonso Donated 100 kr

    Bonne retraite!