The Hebbe Sisters - Singin' Christmas!

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Josefine Hebbe
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Människor på flykt / People seeking refuge

The Hebbe Sisters - Singin' Christmas!

Enjoy the swinging sisters' wonderful Christmas concert bringing you a Christmassy atmosphere, joy, and energy. Visit Emelie, Josefine and Maria Hebbe in their home in the middle of a Swedish forest and listen to their charming tones. They will perform many different musical genres but especially lots of Christmas favourites!
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Christmas reminds us that we need to care for each other. 2020 has been an extremely difficult year for many people, not least for the more than 70 million people who are currently refugees. We want to give a thought to these people and help them in the way we can - through our music and your invaluable help. From today until New Year's Eve, you can donate money to our fundraiser for the benefit of Doctors Without Borders’ missions for refugees and displaced people. Your contribution can make a big difference! Let's do this together. THANK YOU!!!

Watch the full concert down below!

More info about the sisters:

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