Celebrating 50 trips around the sun ...

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Rowena Lee
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Celebrating 50 trips around the sun ...

So grateful that I have family, friends and health ... for those coming to my party, please no presents, but rather just your radiant PRESENCE. Should you insist, in lieu of a gift, please donate to this amazing organization.
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  • Anonym användare Anonym användare donerat 500 kr

    Congratulations Rowena and thank you so much for a great party!

  • Paul Maria Bergström Paul Maria Bergström donerat 500 kr

    For an amazing Rowena and a fantastic cause!! KRAAAMAR Maria Paul

  • Sara Pettersson Sara Pettersson donerat 500 kr

    I’ll still treat you to a birthday fika xoxo

  • Staffan Malmer Staffan Malmer donerat 2 000 kr

    Happy Birthday Rowena, see you soon! /Staffan & Paula

  • Anna och Peter Laurin Anna och Peter Laurin donerat 500 kr

    Happy birthday Rowena! Big hug from the Laurins 🎉

  • David Samuelsson David Samuelsson donerat 500 kr

    Congratulations Rowena! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow /David & Jenny

  • Yvonne Huang Yvonne Huang donerat 500 kr

    Happy birthday Dear Rowena! So great of you!We all love you!

  • Jörgen Lind Jörgen Lind donerat 500 kr

    This is a great mission give

  • Katarina  Göransson Katarina Göransson donerat 1 000 kr

    We are looking forward to celebrate your special day and happy to contribute for a good cause - Happy birthday!!

  • Fredrik Roos Fredrik Roos donerat 1 000 kr

    Happy Birthday Rowena! Kind regards/ Fredrik R

  • Callise Lee Callise Lee donerat 500 kr

  • Anonym användare Anonym användare donerat 500 kr

    Excellent idea! 👏👏👏